2 chapter summaries and assignment


I need you to watch the video below and provide a well structured discussion that focuses on causes, among others, law enforcement observations and resources, the involvement of other agencies in the fight, the challenges they face, and what other observations you make as well as recommendations that you have for the fight against trafficking in persons.  Here is the link:

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2 chapter summaries and assignment
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In Plain Sight: Human Trafficking:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0MeBhjjugE

Please use this link to submit that assignment. It is worth 100 points so be sure to provide depth, clarity, and organization.  Proofread your work before submission.  Save your work in the format yourlastname.firstname.Video plain sight.  That way, I will be able to distinguish all assignments by the file name once I download them.

Chapter 1 summary

 Please take your time to read chapter one and provide a one page summary of that chapter.  In your summary, demonstrate your understanding of the concepts as well as their relationships.  Be mindful of sentence structures and typographical/grammatical errors. 

Chapter 3 summary

 Please use this link to provide a summary of Chapter three, which discusses the various forms of trafficking in persons.  You are expected to demonstrate your familiarity with the chapter, providing as much detail in your respective description of each for of contemporary slavery or human trafficking.