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Select an educational setting with which you are familiar and have some knowledge of the stakeholders.

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Part 1

Select and describe a curriculum theory that you have studied that might, in your opinion, help stakeholders within that setting make decisions. Be sure to address the following:

Discuss the positive and negative aspects of the theory as it is applied to this situation.
Explain contingency plans for decision making that may be necessary in actual implementation of the curriculum.
Discuss the ways in which stakeholders link curriculum decisions to data such as grades, retention, and opinions.
Discuss strengths and weaknesses of other proposed solutions by the class.

Part 2

Answer the following questions:

What should stakeholders know about curriculum theory, but typically do not?
What would you do about it if you were a curriculum leader in an organization?
Should curriculum decisions be adapted to the state of awareness and curriculum knowledge in an environment? Why or why not?
Is there an ethical point that you, as a curriculum leader, should not cross in adopting and adapting curriculum? If so, what is it?