Research a culture, other than your own, from the current wave of immigration from world areas such as Asia, South Asia, Africa, South America. 

Your research should focus on a specific culture in your geographic location ( for instance Markham has large Chinese community).

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From your research, summarize your learning about the following:
• the community – location, size, resources, challenges (access, services, etc.)
• the culture – cultural roles and responsibilities
• communication (language, high-or low-context, use of silence and body language)
• personal space and time orientation
• cultural customs and celebrations
• spiritual beliefs and/or religious affiliation(s)
• cultural practices related to health and healing

Identify how immigration affects health and suggest an approach you might take in helping to promoting the health of someone from this cultural heritage? Referring to “Strategies to Bridge the Gap” (Srivastava, p. 91), name the approach you suggested.

Post a summary of your findings of your above research and health promotion approach.