Part 1 5-7 pages APA 

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Select a case study from the Course Materials resources for this unit. This section contains case studies about educational decisions in various situations. Your selection will be K–12, Analyze the assumptions found in the case study's decisions. Submit a paper detailing the following components:

Explain      the subject(s) or subject's topics.
Describe      the case study's educational setting and social situation.
Give      details about the learners, including age, background, learning profiles,      and others.
Describe      the educational concern or the purpose for the formation of the case      study's decision-making team. Describe any needs that were identified in      the beginning of the study.
Identify      all stakeholders and describe their positions within the educational      setting and the team. Explain each stakeholder's influence and possible      assumptions that explain their interests and later recommendations.
Identify      the expressed or underlying decision-making model(s) used by the team.
Describe      the final decision or outcome on which the team agreed.
Evaluate      the final decision in several ways:
Do       you think the final decision will solve the educational setting's       concerns? Do you agree or disagree with the final decision?
What       contribution did each stakeholder add to the decision-making process and       the final decision? Would you suggest any additional contributions or       anything done differently by each stakeholder?
Did      the decision-making model fit the team's characteristics or would you      suggest a different model for this particular team and setting? Why?

Part 2(a) 1 page

Prepare an APA formatted manuscript report discussing at least one contemporary issue. A contemporary issue is a controversy that has experts on opposing sides, it is not a problem in developing your project. Research information on the selected topic from professional organizations and related professional journals.

Discuss both sides of the issue and describe how researching the controversy has impacted you, personally, as an educational leader.


1) Create policy/standards chosen that reflect the need for this project (there is no set number of length)

2)  Create behavioral learning objectectives for the course and for each unit using the ABCD format that align with the need for the curriculum based on the policy/standards.

Description: The candidate must submit the policy and/or standards chosen that reflect the need for this project. The candidate must submit the candidate-created behavioral learning objectives for the course and for each unit written in ABCD format that align with need for the curriculum based on the policy/standards.