This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to examine how leadership styles influence criminal justice organizations. You will also be researching how organizational socialization can impact leadership within criminal justice organizations.  

 Research different leadership styles and organizational socialization within criminal justice organizations. 

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 Write at least a one-page analysis (one page in total), answering the following questions: 

 1. How complex is leadership within different criminal justice organizations? 2. How can organizational socialization contribute to leadership and management problems in criminal justice organizations? 3. What suggestions do you have to improve the organizational socialization of criminal justice organizations? 

 Locate a minimum of one article in the online library to support the assertions within your response. Your response should be at least one page. Use APA Style to format your response, proofread your work, and then submit your assignment in Blackboard. 

Reference:  Stojkovic, S., Kalinich, D., & Klofas, J. (2015). Criminal justice organizations: Administration and management (6th ed.). Cengage Learning. https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781305177482