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Research indicates children who learn cross-disciplinary content that integrates the arts into instructional activities may develop a deeper understanding of the material, and the concepts may become more ingrained in their knowledge base for a longer period. Children are more invested in such instruction because they are using their experiences and interpretations during their learning, making learning more exciting and personal.

With permission from your mentor teacher, teach the lesson you created in Topic 3, or an English language arts lesson that integrates creative arts that the teacher provides, to a small group of selected students.

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Spend any remaining time observing or assisting the teacher in providing instruction and support to the class.

In a 250-500 word reflection, respond to the following questions:

What were the students’ responses to the integration of creative arts during instruction?
How did you meet the needs of all students?
What information about your learners did you gain from the assessments?
What feedback did your mentor teacher provide you on your instruction?
How will you use your experience in integrating literacy with creative arts in future lessons?