A Rose for Emily

 Directions: Write a paragraph of 150-300 words on one of the topics below. You must include the topic # and description (but this is not included in the word count) in your initial post. You must include a MINIMUM of 2 quotes from the short story. 

  1. Miss Emily is such an offbeat character, use that to your advantage and try diagnosing her in the story “A Rose for Emily”; even though she never receives medical treatment, it is obvious that she has some characteristics for mental issue. This most obvious is in her bizarre character and the withdrawn stance she has when it comes to society.
  2. The structure of a story can be sometimes dull, but Faulkner used a very interesting structure for this story. Take a fresh look at the story and analyze why he doesn’t use events in a chronological order but rather he mixes things up. Why does this make his story successful or would it be even better in chronological and linear fashion?
  3. In 1894; what was it that the colonel had done for Miss Emily? Analyze the reasons and the action.
  4. The day after her father’s funeral what did Emily tell the visitors and more expressly why did the townspeople seem unfazed by what could be possibly something so strange.
  5. No one has seen the room upstairs for forty years; after Emily’s funeral the townspeople break down the door, what do they find?
  6. On Emily Grierson’s personality, what factors do you think either shaped or warped her? Make a list and pick the top two most influential characteristics and analyze them.
  7. How is Miss Emily “a fallen monument” (para 1)? To what is she a monument? Why does the narrator repeatedly call an Emily an “idol”?

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