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Based on Nading’s reading and your experience and/or understanding of COVID-19 to-date, answer the following questions: 1) do you think it is constructive to separate epidemiology from politics, or would stronger ties between these two actually work to establish more standardized and effective global disease prevention protocols? AND 2) how does the author’s notion of the “age of emerging infectious diseases,” -considering the technologies of surveillance-, help you draw some comparisons between the local and global responses to dengue (as discussed in the book) and COVID-19 to-date?  Make sure to use concrete, specific examples from the reading and cite the source, including page number.

Note: This is how should you format your paper:

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Answer question
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  1. Give a title to your paper (i.e. “Week One Paper”; “Understanding Global Health…”; ext.) 
  2. Length: 3-page long, not including List of References, which you need to add at the end (see syllabus for more details). 
  3. Double-space text with Times New Roman font size 12.
  4. Personal Details: ALWAYS include your full name and student number in your weekly papers.
  5. Remember to demonstrate that you have carefully and thoroughly done the required readings. ALWAYS acknowledge your sources in-text AND in the List of References at the end (see syllabus for more detail).