Appeal Letter

I need a appeal letter regarding why I failed my classes basically I failed because I was depressed , was too tired because my mom lost her job so I would give her the money to help pay the bills…so working more then 45+ hours and school was too much for her. my head wasn't right. what will I do to improve what will I do to make it change. I am a nursing student I love school but with everything going with corona and my mental health…

Paragraph 1. What happened? Provide detailed explanations for your lack of satisfactory academic progress. Explain the circumstances that lead to your suspension or dismissal.   Paragraph 2. What support services or resources did you use? Please describe which support services you used during the semester (tutoring, meetings with your academic advisor and/or peer mentoring, meetings with a counselor, etc.). If you did not use any services. If you did not use support services at the College, please describe in detail the reasons for your failure to use the support services that are available at the College.  Paragraph 3. What has changed? Provide an explanation of how your circumstances have changed and how these changes will allow you to perform at a satisfactory level. Provide a detailed plan of action, including long term and short term goals, which you will follow to achieve academic success if your appeal is waived. Discuss why is it important to you to be in College.    

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Appeal Letter
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