Bibliography Paper (For Hifsa Shakaut)


For this bibliography, write a (6-page, double space, 12 pt. font) paper that is a variation of a book review; only in this case you are reviewing 4 to 5 books or professional/academic articles other than the materials in my textbooks. For an example of this approach see the attached Bibliography on "Retention and Recruitment" as well as other professional journals, where sometimes three or more books on the same subject are reviewed. In this case, I am asking you to take an HRM topical theme, e.g., performance appraisal, and find 4 or 5 resources that you think are valuable on this subject and critique them. (NOTE: General management topics are not appropriate here, e.g., "organization culture," "leadership" or "performance management" which are covered in other EMPA courses.) You should draw your topic from the theme of “Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection”. The appropriate citation format for this paper is APA. Your journal sources should be from reputable professional and/or scholarly journals, preferably from the journals cited below in Additional Reading Sources paragraph. The appropriate citation format for this paper is APA; this format is available in many writing books, e.g., Diana Hacker, A Writer's Reference, St. Martins Press. 

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Bibliography Paper (For Hifsa Shakaut)
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The topic for my paper is Job Analysis & Design

Other resources with link:

Job and Work Analysis: Methods, Research, and Applications for Human Resource Management 2nd Edition

Human Resource Management: The Public Service Perspective, Read Chp 6 and 7