BSN 499 Capstone Project Paper

BSN 499 Capstone Project Paper

Journal Activity 2

Open your Journal document and respond to the prompt below. You will add to this Journal document each week, and submit the file for a grade in Module 8. Be sure your Journal entries are dated.

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BSN 499 Capstone Project Paper
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Reflect on your thoughts about how you can inform the delivery of care through evaluation of credible evidence, including dissemination of research. What opportunities can you create for nurses to enhance participation in research and scholarship? Be sure to include what you gained from this experience. These are your thoughts – there is no need for citations/references unless you use a scholarly source.

Journal entries will be graded at the end of the course using the rubric below. Complete each reflection during the appropriate week to stay current and reflect on the learning. BSN 499 Capstone Project Paper