Budget worksheet/ Excel


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Budget worksheet/ Excel
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This week, you will continue to work on your community health partnership. The task now is to propose a budget to share with your stakeholders who will ultimately approve the partnership and budget. Your budget proposal will provide your stakeholders, consisting of your hospital board of trustees and the community health department governing board, with the amount of funding needed to:

  1. Form your partnership.
  2. Carry out your strategic action plan activities.
  3. Improve the intended outcomes to reduce the over-utilization of the emergency department.
  4. Reduce the readmission rates of patients within 30 days of discharge.

Download the spreadsheet in this week’s resources to use in your projections for the funding needed for the salaries and benefits for the professionals who will carry out the activities in your collaborative project. You will notice the line items and projected expenses that the community health department agreed to provide for this partnership project are already inserted into this graphic example and will be pre-populated in your downloaded spreadsheet.

The budget spreadsheet is set up to assist you with calculating salaries and benefits for the professionals and paraprofessionals you will hire. Review the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook for the median hourly wages information you will need to plug into this budget.

Your report should consist of:

  • Title page
  • An introductory page that includes:
    • an overview of the community health partnership project
    • the goals identified in the strategic action plans
    • the rationale for your budget projections
  • The budget spreadsheet should follow the introductory page(s)
  • References

You will also need to calculate the construction costs for your proposed budget, which was previously established as $55 per square foot. In the Week 3 scenario, the physical resources were identified during your walk-through with your leadership team and facilities director. These spaces included examination rooms, consultation rooms, and the reception area. Space has HVAC, plumbing, and electrical sources; and you will authorize the construction of these joint-use spaces with the community health department in this partnership.

Enter the construction cost into the Budget Projections after the Total Operating Budget on the line for Projected Construction Costs, since this cost will occur only once and there are no recurring expenses associated with this part of the project.

Length: Minimum of 5 pages (including spreadsheet), not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 6 scholarly resources