Business Etiquette

Instructions: Go through each of the bullets below and complete the tasks using Google slides or PowerPoint. Once you complete your document, submit it in Canvas for grading. Each student will present their findings in a class presentation. Make sure to refer to the rubric on this assignment.

Search the Internet for at least four websites that deal with international business etiquette. Make sure you note the website addresses as you will need to list your resources in your presentation.

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Business Etiquette
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You can research one country (not the United States) – each student must research a different country.

Topics you need to include:
Business Greetings
Table manners (What's appropriate in a business situation?) 
Gift giving
American and/or European style of dining

Then, visit the following website: (Links to an external site.)

You will need the following slides:
Title slide
Introduction slide-Discuss the government, economy and people.
Informational slides-Discuss your four topics. 
Conclusion slide-What new thing did you learn about the country? 
Works Cited or Source Page slide

You will need a minimum of 8 slides