Business Finance – Management Case Study Assignment

Business Finance – Management Case Study Assignment

I started this assignment, and need help finishing it……it’s due in a couple hours — can anyone help me?

Assessment Description

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Business Finance – Management Case Study Assignment
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The purpose of this Case Study assignment is to walk through the logical framework (LogFrame) and to create the project management documents needed to successfully lead a project.

Read the Kitchen Heaven Project Case Study in Heldman et al. pages 84-87 and complete the following:

Part 1: Logical Framework Template Column A

Complete the Goal, Purpose, and Outcomes (the green portion Column A) of the Logical Framework template. NOTE: Do not rely on the content or wording in the Project Case Study Checklist (page 86). Your work should be original and based upon your understanding of the full scenario presented in the case. Successfully completing the Logical Framework will yield different results. The case provides the information required to complete each assignment but leaves room for individual interpretation and assumptions. Business Finance – Management Case Study Assignment
One Goal statement is expected.
One Purpose statement is expected.
A minimum of three Outcome statements are expected.
The Goal, Purpose, and Outcome statements must be stated using the “Objective = Action Verb + Object” format. Refer to Schmidt pages 34-40 for details.
Part 2: Project Charter

Using the information in the Logical Framework template and the case, complete the Project Charter.
APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.




1. General Project Information

  Project Name: Kitchen Haven
  Executive Sponsors: Dirk Perrier
  Department Sponsor: Marketing
  Purpose of project: Opening the 50th branch of Kitchen Haven

2. Project Team (add rows as needed)






  Project Manager:        
  Team Members:        

3. Main Stakeholders (e.g., those with a significant interest in or who will be significantly affected by this project)

  Dirk Perrier (Project Sponsor)
  Investors and Shareholders
  Executive Leadership Team
  Kitchen Haven Employees. Business Finance – Management Case Study Assignment

4. Project Scope Statement

Project Goal / Business Justification Describe the business need this project addresses
This project addresses the business need to meet the demand for high-quality kitchen products and gourmet food items among affluent individuals earning over $150,000 annually in Colorado Springs. With no existing Kitchen Haven store in the area, the project aims to open the 50th branch within six months, capitalizing on the strategic opportunity presented by the Garden and Home show conference to boost sales and advertising.
Objectives (in business terms) Describe the measurable goals of the project, e.g., reduce cost by xxxx or increase quality to yyyy
The measurable goals (objectives) of the project are market penetration and revenue generation, store opening and timeliness, trade show impact, brand recognition and customer engagement, financial viability and return on investment, operational efficiency and full product range, milestone achievement and project management, and successful grand opening celebration.
Deliverables/Outcomes List the high-level “products” to be created (e.g., improved xxxx process, employee manual on yyyy)

The high-level deliverables/outcomes of this project include market research and analysis documentation, stakeholder communication plan, customer engagement and experience strategy, location selection and setup, store operations and management plans, project charter and documentation, financial analysis and reporting, marketing and advertising materials, grand opening celebration, trade show booth and participation, and fully operational kitchen haven store.



Scope List what the project will and will not address that is not covered in purpose and outcomes (e.g., this project addresses units that report into the Office of Executive Vice President.  Units that report into the Provosts Office are not included)  Business Finance – Management Case Study Assignment

What the Project Will Address: Store opening and setup, trade show participation, grand opening celebration, financial analysis and reporting, marketing and advertising, operational plans, location selection and setup, and customer engagement strategy

What the Project Will Not Address: product line expansion, changes to corporate budgeting process, long-term financial performance, other trade shows or conferences, company-wide marketing strategy, corporate structural changes, product development, and other store locations.

Major Known Risks (including significant Assumptions) Identify obstacles that may cause the project to fail.  
Risk Risk Rating (Hi, Med, Lo)
Market Demand and Income Level High Risk, High Assumption
Trade Show Impact Medium Risk, High Assumption
Budget Estimation Medium Risk, High Assumption
Timely Store Opening Medium Risk
Grand Opening Celebration Medium Risk
Project Management and Communication Low Risk
Constraints List any conditions that may limit the project team’s options with respect to resources, personnel, or schedule (e.g., predetermined budget or project end date, limit on number of staff that may be assigned to the project).
Stakeholder expectations, financial performance expectations, project charter, stakeholder expectations, financial performance expectations, project charter, customer engagement strategy, location availability, operational readiness, trade show participation, resource allocation, timeline, and budget limitations. Business Finance – Management Case Study Assignment
External Dependencies Will project success depend on coordination of efforts between the project team and one or more other individuals or groups? Has everyone involved agreed to this interaction?
It is assumed that the project team and the relevant individuals or groups involved in the external dependencies have agreed to the necessary interactions. However, formal agreements and communication channels should be established to ensure a smooth collaboration and successful execution of the project. This includes clear communication with trade show organizers, real estate agents, permitting authorities, marketing partners, suppliers, event planners, financial institutions, and local community representatives. Regular communication and coordination will be essential to address potential challenges and ensure the project’s overall success.


6. Sign-off




Executive Sponsor


Department Sponsor


Project Manager


7.  Notes