Business: Nature’s Closet Paper

Business: Nature’s Closet Paper



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Business: Nature’s Closet Paper
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Business: Nature’s Closet


Determine performance milestones and design key metrics to measure success.


Develop a service blueprint to map the customer relationship and transaction process and explain the map’s significance.





Topic: Job Opportunities

Visit one of your favorite job search engines. You may use the job search engine found in the Career Network or one of many found on the Internet.

  • Search and find three job opportunities that match the occupation titles you chose on the O*NET website in Unit 7. Write a 250-word short essay comparing and contrasting the job descriptions for each of the three job opportunities you identify.
  • Explain the business knowledge, skills, and abilities for each job opportunity, and discuss the differences and similarities between each of the job opportunities.
  • Identify and explain each of your strengths or weaknesses in relation to the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for each of the job opportunities. Business: Nature’s Closet Paper




Pitching the Strategic Business Plan

The time has come for you to pitch your strategic business plan to the angel investors for funding consideration. To say the least, your virtual team must deliver a stellar strategic business plan presentation submitted as a narrated Microsoft® PowerPoint file attachment to the Discussion Board. Your narrated PowerPoint presentation should meet the following requirements:

  • Introduce the name brand of your virtual business. Explain the name of your business and show your logo and tagline.
  • Tell the story behind your brand name, logo, and tagline.
  • Introduce the virtual team. Explain the organizational design of the virtual business, including an explanation of how roles and responsibilities have been assigned to each virtual team member.
  • Present the 4 P’s of your marketing strategy for your virtual business.
  • Present the operations strategy for your virtual business.
  • Present the finance strategy for your virtual business.
  • In the end, ask for the money. Give a compelling conclusion for your strategic business plan and explain why and how your virtual team will be successful.

The presentation format should follow these guidelines:

  • Your narrated PowerPoint presentation should be no longer than 30 minutes but no shorter than 20 minutes in length.
  • All virtual team members should speak for an equal amount of time in the narrated PowerPoint presentation.
  • The PowerPoint presentation should be professionally designed using a themed template.
  • Use best practices for designing PowerPoint presentation slides, such as using illustrations, diagrams, and images to depict information. Do not write full paragraphs. Use no more than five bullet points on each slide.
  • Each slide in the PowerPoint presentation should contain a transcription of the narrated talking points in the notes section.
  • Each virtual team member should use relevant academic research to explain the technical aspects of the various business topics within the strategic business plan.


One team member from each team will post the strategic business plan pitch to the Discussion Board. Business: Nature’s Closet Paper

Individual Contributions:

Once your virtual team posts the strategic business plan pitch (see the learning activity) to the Discussion Board, each individual student should do the following:

  • Evaluate and reply to a minimum of two (2) strategic business plans from other virtual teams.
  • Evaluate and provide commentary on the content and delivery of each chosen strategic business plan. Ask questions to help clarify any information as necessary.
  • In your individual evaluation of the two (2) strategic business plans, decide whether your chosen strategic business plans deserve funding.



Topic: Vision, Mission, Values, and Branding

To get started early on developing the Unit 10 Assignment that requires you to create a 7-year career plan, execute the following steps:

  • Develop a professional vision statement that will drive your pursuit of the career you desire.
  • Develop a career mission statement that will guide you to achieve your professional vision.
  • Develop a professional statement. Identify a minimum of three keywords that exemplify your values. Explain why these values represent who you are as a professional.
  • Start to develop a personal brand.

Here is some information to help with personal branding:

What do you stand for? Personal branding is a synopsis in the form of symbol, logo, etc. of what you stand for, what you value, and what skills or abilities you can provide to benefit an employer or others.

Branding is created through a reiteration of a symbol, saying, logo, jingle, etc. that grabs the viewer’s or listener’s interest and is memorable. Corporate example: “GE — We bring good things to light.” This branding tells what they do and what they value by using the word “good.”

By examining what you value, and how you can help or benefit others, you too can create a memorable personal brand. Then you can plan to create a personal webpage for employers to view that is consistent with your brand using your personal logo (choosing your colors and font carefully), or an audiovisual presentation so you can send employers a link. Business: Nature’s Closet Paper