DQ # Educational Leadership Assignment

Chapter 3 Questions

1.    The building of trust is a major theme in this chapter.  Educators must trust the data, and administrators must trust that their educators are able to use the data effectively.  Give an example of one factor that could serve as a hindrance to building that trust. DQ # Educational Leadership Assignment


2.    A “culture of mutual accountability” needs to exist among teachers, principals, and district personnel if data is to be used successfully to improve education.  How do you think each of these three constituencies is accountable to the other two?

Chapter 4 Questions

3.    Figure 4.1 (page 75 of the text) illustrates the cycle of instructional improvement.  Which step in the cycle do you think serves as a bottleneck to slow down the entire instructional improvement process?

4.    The administration of regular benchmark assessments is one tool schools can use to gauge instructional improvement.  Some schools couple these assessments with pacing plans to ensure the material is being taught at an appropriate pace.  How can school administration balance a pacing plan with teacher autonomy? DQ # Educational Leadership Assignment

CSU Exploring the Relationship Higher Education and Unemployment Discussion

Describe a quantitative research project you would be interested in starting now or in the near future. Explain the problem and why this would be important for you to study?


Why is a quantitative methodology an appropriate research strategy for your project? Then, select a peer post and evaluate the appropriateness of using a quantitative research strategy for their proposed study. Discuss challenges they might encounter using a quantitative methodology. CSU Exploring the Relationship Higher Education and Unemployment Discussion

Suny Old Westbury Project One Your Online Database Architecture for Education (YODAE


Imagine that you are a solutions architect at a start-up organization, Your Online Database Architecture for Education, or YODAE. YODAE recently launched in the educational technology industry. The company hired you to lead the design of its cloud database, which will be used by teachers in the K-12 education system. Teachers will be able to use the cloud-based IT system and database that you design to better manage their classrooms and to create various online learning experiences for their students. The database should store information about teachers, students, and classrooms. For this project, you will design the architecture of the database system by creating an entity relationship diagram (ERD). Then you will implement your design by creating a cloud database system. The cloud database system’s architecture consists of a database, web server, webpage, and client- or server-side scripting. Suny Old Westbury Project One Your Online Database Architecture for Education (YODAE



To complete this project:

Review the YODAE Business Case: Review the Business Case document in the Supporting Materials section to gain a better understanding of YODAE, and of how your cloud solution will meet its organizational needs and operations.

As part of the design of the cloud-based database, create an entity relationship diagram (ERD) to show the architecture of the cloud database system. To create your ERD, refer to the , which already includes some components of your diagram. You must add to this diagram by including the following components:

All of the appropriate entities: What are the entities that need to be included in the ERD that are described in the business case? Suny Old Westbury Project One Your Online Database Architecture for Education (YODAE

All of the appropriate attributes: What are five attributes for each entity?

Necessary relationships: How will the relationships between the entities be accurately presented in the diagram?

Explain Your ERD: Write 2 to 5 paragraphs about how your diagram meets the needs of YODAE and its clients. You are required to provide a brief explanation about the entities, attributes, and relationships depicted in your diagram.

After you have designed the architecture of your cloud-based application, you will be required to create it in the AWS Console through your AWS Academy Learner Lab course. To implement this, you are required to:

Set Up Virtual Server: Create an EC2 instance. Then be sure to properly install Apache web server, PHP, and MySQL on the instance. Take screenshots to confirm that you have su ccessfully created your EC2 instance and installed the appropriate language and database system. Suny Old Westbury Project One Your Online Database Architecture for Education (YODAE

  • Deploy a Front-End Component: Install WordPress on the instance that includes connecting to your MySQL database. However, be sure that you are using the AWS Console through AWS Academy. Copy and paste the public URL to the instance to ensure that your instructor can assess your work.
  • Implement Database Tables: Install the database plug-in phpMyAdmin and create the database tables that you designed in your ERD, which include all columns/keys. Take a screenshot to confirm that you have created the appropriate databases depicted in your ERD.
  • Data Manipulation: After you have installed the database plug-in and created your new database tables, manipulate the data by completing the following:

Insert some test data into each table.

Do a Select statement that shows only students registered to a specific course.

Show a Delete statement removing a course from the Courses table.

Show a statement that changes the entry_year for a particular student.

Be sure to submit a screenshot for each of these tasks.

Interface with Database: Create a new page within the WordPress admin panel. To complete this successfully, you will need to follow the steps in the PHP code tutorial (Database Interface Instructions) in the Supporting Materials. Be sure to include screenshots of:

Your working WordPress admin page and the installed plugin.

  • The front-end form and view pages. Make sure to use your own name when adding a student. Suny Old Westbury Project One Your Online Database Architecture for Education (YODAE
  • What to Submit
  • To complete this project, you must submit the following:
  • Entity Relationship Diagram
    You may use LucidChart, Visio, or another software application of your choice to create your diagram. The file you upload should either be a PDF, .jpeg, or .doc format.


Screenshots and Descriptions
Submit between 4 and 7 screenshots to show that you have successfully completed each step in the directions. For each screenshot, write a 1- to 3-sentence description that explains what the screenshot is showing. Your screenshots should be uploaded in .jpeg or PNG format.

Public URL for the EC2 Instance
Submit your public URL link either in a separate document that you attach, or in the comments section when you upload your files.

Supporting Materials

  • The following resource(s) may help support your work on the project:
  • This business case provides you with more organization background and the business needs.

The PHP code tutorial in this document will allow you to connect to the database.

This series shows you how to use Visio to create diagrams.

This resource shows you how to use LucidChart to create diagrams.

This resource shows you how to capture screenshots if you are using Windows 10.

This support resource will walk you through the process of capturing a screenshot if you are using Mac OS. Suny Old Westbury Project One Your Online Database Architecture for Education (YODAE

Education & Teaching Question Paper

For each Journal Critique, you will evaluate and critique one research article from a professional journal. The journal can be from any discipline that details the current trends in special education leadership. You are encouraged to select articles to help you complete your Journal Analysis Paper Assignment. All articles must be current (published within the last five years). The assignment must be in current APA format and must include a title page and a reference page; it must also be 225–250 words. The title page, in-text citations, and reference page are NOT included in the word limit. Education & Teaching Question Paper


Journal Critiques consist of 3 parts (each part must be only 1 paragraph): Part 1 – Summary Paragraph, Part 2 – Analysis of Author’s Key Points, and Part 3 – Personal Response. Personal pronouns are appropriate only in the Part 3 – Personal Response section of the Journal Critique.

When composing your reviews, remember to use professional, graduate-level writing. Do not begin with “This article is about…” Instead, open the review with a strong thesis statement and summarize the author’s main points in the first paragraph. Using third person, state your personal reaction to the article in the final paragraph (“This author agrees/disagrees…” or “one can see that…”). Education & Teaching Question Paper

Addressing Data Collection and Data Based Decision Making in Educational Settings

What is data collection?

How to use data collection? How to collection in a general education setting?


Types of data collection

Data collection training

Data collection integrity

  • Responsibilities of data collecting
  • Future research and limitations
  • Collaborative Model for Promoting Competence and Success (COMPASS), Theory of planned behavior (TPB), Teacher intention toward data collection efforts (TIDE), Self-Efficacy Scale for Teachers (ASSET) Addressing Data Collection and Data Based Decision Making in Educational Settings

The Conceptual Basis of Special Education Assignment

Listen to the TED Talks below. What impacted you from listening to the stories of these individuals? How can this make us better educators?

post should demonstrate course-related knowledge and must support your assertions with at least two references to acceptable sources, using citations in current APA format.  The Conceptual Basis of Special Education Assignment


Grandin, T. (2010).  The World Needs All Kinds of Minds (19:27).


McCabe, J. (2017).  This is What It’s Really Like to Live with ADHD (17:13).


DiMarco, N. (2018).  Why We Need to Make Education More Accessible to the Deaf (14:28)


Pistorius, M. (2015).  How my mind came back to life – and no one knew (13:59).


Heumann, J. (2016).  Our Fight for Disability Rights – and Why We’re Not Done Yet (17:0


Assignment 2- 20 slides. The Conceptual Basis of Special Education Assignment


This presentation is a culmination of your prior work.  You may use your content from previously the 4 submitted papers for this course which is attached below.


Be sure the presentation meets the following objectives:


1. Identify the varying elements and factors that contribute to a child’s placement in an appropriate special education program.


2. Summarize the classification process and importance of individualizing instruction to meet the educational needs of children in special education.


3. Explain the rights of children, parents, and the supportive role schools play.


Be sure your presentation includes an introduction and conclusion, at least 20 slides (about 6-7 slides per objective), -10 minutes when presented, and utilizing APA formatting. The Conceptual Basis of Special Education Assignment


will screen record your presentation, although your video does not need to be recording you, it does need to record your screen, and your voice should be presenting the slides.


Be sure you are utilizing the  PPT Presentation Rubric to check your submission for all essential components. Rubrics are a tool used for self-evaluation during the process of assessment as well as a summative assessment tool.


Please include slide notes


Assignment 3- 1 page


Use the course learning outcomes (as stated in the syllabus) and discuss how you believe you have met each outcome. The paper is to be in correct APA formatting, and a minimum of 100 words. The Conceptual Basis of Special Education Assignment


Learning outcomes


By the end of the course, the student will be able to:


1. Summarize the conceptual basis of special education as well as the legal requirements concerning students with exceptionalities.


2. Identify characteristics of various categories of disabilities and the classification process.


3. Analyze the professional role of teachers, and the role of students, parents, school and community in the education of students with exceptionalities.  The Conceptual Basis of Special Education Assignment

Education homework help

Please answer each question in a complete paragraph followed by a reference. Please respond to each question separately. All questions need to be answered in full complete sentences. Please only answer two questions per page




The acronym TOADS (Time, Opportunity, Ability Desire, and Stimulus) indicates specific factors that lead up to and allow violence to occur. Explain why it is important to understand TOADS in order to successfully protect an educational campus and the staff/students on a campus. Education homework help


what do you feel are the top 3 social environment factors impacting relationships today.  Tell why you choose each factor.


Complete the following by clicking the link:

What is Plagiarism?

Once you have completed the video and answered the 8 multiple-choice questions, participate in the discussion of plagiarism.

The focus of the discussion: “Is there a culture of plagiarism?”


Based on your current location, or your home state (NC), discuss what legal concerns you may have about performing first aid. Education homework help

Q5. What would you do to help children with disappointment and anger? What are some of the key aspects would you present to a new parent or teacher?


1. Name some of the challenges students with ADHD face in school and later in life. What are some common ways that students and their families address these challenges?




What are some ways that educators can support students with ADHD and address these challenges within the school environment?  Discuss the types of instructional strategies and accommodations that may be used.  Would the student with ADHD be served under an Individual Education Program or under a 504 plan? Why?  Support your discussion with references to outside resources. Education homework help


One of your employees has lost their husband in a tragic car accident a month ago. The employee has had her allowable time off and now that she is back to work, she is not performing well.  Performance ratings are due in two months.


As the Internet has developed, it has greatly influenced responses to business crises. For organizations, what are the challenges and advantages in managing a crisis? What do you think about the role of the Internet in terms of managing a crisis?


Explain the difference between mitigation and business continuity strategies.  What are the main threats an organization faces today?



define the term “social media” in your own words. Did you have a hard time providing a specific definition? Education homework help

What do you think of the picture below?

*No sources are needed for this post.

vintage social media



Define psychology in your own words and what it means to you. How is psychology relevant in your daily life?


Please read the fact pattern below and answer the following questions:

Sam owns a resort that has over 100 employees.  He hired Sandra, a Christian to serve as a housekeeper.  Sandra informed him during the interview process that per her faith, she would need to have every Sunday off on the schedule as she goes to church on Sunday and believes that Sunday is the Sabbath and that she must keep it holy by not working and taking a rest.  Sam, who espoused a policy of diversity, told her it wouldn’t be an issue.  Education homework help

After the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores,  573 U.S. 682 (2014), Sam decided to stop paying for any kind of birth control through the health insurance that he offered his employees due to financial loss associated with the COVID-19 crisis; the business went under and numerous employees left for higher paying jobs or left out of fear of catching the virus.  While the resort offered free COVID-19 vaccinations, many stated that it was against their religion to take the vaccine and opted to look for other employment.

Sam then started thinking about other ways in which religion impacted his business.  After talking with his wife, he decided to tell Sandra that she could no longer be off every Sunday, as it probably was disruptive to business and bothered the other employees (as they said they were Christians too, but still had to work on Sunday and even took the vaccine to maintain their job during the economic uncertainty).  He issued Sandra a letter informing her that, under her religious freedom rights as a business owner, he would no longer allow her to be off every Sunday.  The next day, he got a certified letter from Sandra’s lawyer telling him that he was violating her rights and unless he allowed her to continue to continue to be off every Sunday, he would be subject to a lawsuit. Education homework help

Part 1

How would the legal dilemma(s) posed in this scenario likely be resolved if no Constitution existed?  Does what you imagine seem impartial and/or fair to all parties?

Part 2

Using the federal Constitution “as is”, assume that:

– if your last name starts with A-M, you are a paralegal assigned to assisting Sandra’s lawyer.

– if your last name starts with N-Z, you are a paralegal assigned to assisting Sam’s lawyer.

Further assume that the lawyer for whom you work wants you to outline the basic arguments that should be made for the respective client (either Sandra or Sam).  Upon what resource(s) did you rely in your proposed legal argument? Education homework help

Note that the First Amendment protects against governmental actions, not those of private individuals.  Also, what is the law that gives First Amendment rights to corporations?  You will want to find that as well (it’s mentioned in the Hobby Lobby case).  Here’s something to start your research on the rights of individuals in the workplace.

Part 3

Now you may make your personal commentary on these issues.

· Do you agree with corporations having First Amendment rights?  Why or why not?

· Do you think that corporations should be able to impose the religious beliefs of the owners on the employees and not be subject to restrictions like Title VII?

· What if Sam was a Scientologist?  What if Sam was a member of a religion created by his cousin?  How do you know if a religious practice is protected?

· Does the US need a constitution or not?  Why?


Despite the comprehensive background investigation and other pre-employment screening requirements, corruption is still a significant concern in corrections, particularly among correctional officers. Education homework help


In your initial post, discuss at least three factors that may contribute to, or cause, a correctional officer to partake in one or more acts of corruption? Conclude your response by identifying at least three strategies that correctional leaders can implement to minimize corruption among correctional officers.

Remember to support your response with a minimum of one current (within the past 5-10 years) scholarly research.



Discuss how and why quality of patient care has been pushed to improve in the United States, throughout history, from the 1700’s to present times.



Describe one of the principles of ethics presented in the readings or videos this week then evaluate both the positive and negative impacts of the principle. Lastly, include a discussion surrounding the importance of studying ethics. Education homework help

Stakeholders Group Thelma Education homework help

Create  a Power Point presentation for management.  The presentation should be  10 content slides (title slide and reference slide do not count).  The presentation should include:

  • An explanation of what a stakeholder is and why it is important to identify each group.
  • Internal stakeholders and their responsibilities (just saying employees is too broad).
  • Potential  external stakeholders and their stake in the company – why are they  concerned about potential crisis a company can experience. Stakeholders Group Thelma Education homework help
  • An introduction and conclusion
  • At least 3 credible peer-reviewed sources or industry recognized sources.


Develop  the slide content as if you were making a presentation to management.   Slides should be concise.  Use the Speaker Notes section or audio option  of the PowerPoint slide to provide the details you would say if you  were presenting this to management. Stakeholders Group Thelma Education homework help

Education homework help

Use the risk assessment template attached here to develop a risk assessment matrix.

Step 1.  Select a business

Step 2. Identify a minimum of 10 potential risks that could effect the business operation.

Step 3. Complete the chart for each of the 10 potential risks. Education homework help

Step 4.  Support your assessment with credible academic and business quality sources.


Risk Assessment Template



Establish the Context Risk Description Effectiveness of Controls Analysis Risk Treatment
Objective Context Risk Source Description Control(s) Control Rating Risk Rating  
State the potential business risk that could interrupt the business or segments of the business List internal and external factors that influence this risk Where the risk originates (e.g. regulatory requirements, political changes, natural disasters, man-made disasters, etc.) Education homework help. Describe what might occur which { Cause(s)} the { Event} that leads to an { Impact/Consequence(s)} What steps can be taken to control, avoid, or minimize the impact of the event such as a process, policy, practice, device, etc. Is the risk-

Highly likely to occur

Medium likelihood it could occur

Low likelihood it could occur


Consequences if the risk occurs


· Risk Avoidance

· Risk Control

· Risk Transfer

· Risk Acceptance

· Risk Financing
























Risk Assessment Template Page 1 of 1

Page 2 of 1


Prenatal and Newborn Development Education homework help

We often think of human development in terms of milestones and various ages, but development actually begins in the womb. This week, you will continue to support Paul and Amy from Week 1 and provide them with information to help support them in their parenthood journey. Remember, a Milestones Table appears at the end of each age division of the text. Prenatal and Newborn Development Education homework help


To prepare for this discussion,

For this discussion, you will utilize the case study below:

Case Study

Paul and Amy have learned that they are expecting a baby. They could not be more thrilled, but like most newly expectant parents, they are trying to learn as much as they can before their newborn arrives.  Prenatal and Newborn Development Education homework help.They have been reading many different resources to better understand the various factors that will influence the development of their child while in the womb and how to manage those first few weeks with a newborn.

In your initial post,

  • Discuss whether you think newborns are more competent than you thought they were before you read Chapter 4 of the course text.
  • Describe which of the newborn capacities (i.e., reflexes, states of arousal, or sensory capacities) were the most surprising to you.
  • Describe two factors, within and beyond the family, that can help families feel supported during the prenatal and newborn stages of development. Prenatal and Newborn Development Education homework help