Chapter Work Statistics

Chapter Work Statistics


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Chapter Work Statistics
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Complete the problems below from the textbook. You will need to use the “Baseball 2016 Data,” “Lincolnville School District Bus Data,” and the “Century National Bank Data” files for this assignment.

  1. Chapter 13 – Problem 63
  2. Chapter 13 – Problem 64
  3. Chapter 14 – Problem 35
  4. Chapter 14 Case A – Century National Bank

For problems requiring computations, please ensure that your Excel file includes the associated cell computations and/or statistics output. This information is needed in order to receive full credit on these problems.

Submit output in one Excel file.


  1. 63. Refer to the Baseball 2016 data, which reports information on the 2016 Major League Baseball season. Let attendance be the dependent variable and total team salary be the independent variable. Determine the regression equation and answer the following questions.
  2. Draw a scatter diagram. From the diagram, does there seem to be a direct relation-ship between the two variables?
  3. What is the expected attendance for a team with a salary of $100.0 million?
  4. If the owners pay an additional $30 million, how many more people could they expect to attend?
  5. At the .05 significance level, can we conclude that the slope of the regression line is positive? Conduct the appropriate test of hypothesis. e. What percentage of the variation in attendance is accounted for by salary?
  6. Determine the correlation between attendance and team batting average and be-tween attendance and team ERA. Which is stronger? Conduct an appropriate test of hypothesis for each set of variables.


  1. 64. Refer to the Lincolnville School bus data. Develop a regression equation that ex-presses the relationship between age of the bus and maintenance cost. The age of the bus is the independent variable.
  2. Draw a scatter diagram. What does this diagram suggest as to the relationship be-tween the two variables? Is it direct or indirect? Does it appear to be strong or weak?
  3. Develop a regression equation. How much does an additional year add to the maintenance cost. What is the estimated maintenance cost for a 10-year-old bus?
  4. Conduct a test of hypothesis to determine whether the slope of the regression line is greater than zero. Use the .05 significance level. Interpret your findings from parts (a), (b), and (c) in a brief report.
  5. Refer to the Baseball 2016 data, which report information on the 30 Major League Base-ball teams for the 2016 season. Let the number of games won be the dependent variable and the following variables be independent variables: team batting average, team Earned Run Average (ERA), number of home runs, and whether the team plays in the American or the National League.
  6. Develop a correlation matrix. Which independent variables have strong or weak correlations with the dependent variable? Do you see any problems with multicollinearity? Are you surprised that the correlation coefficient for ERA is negative?
  7. Use a statistical software package to determine the multiple regression equation. How did you select the variables to include in the equation? How did you use the information from the correlation analysis? Show that your regression equation shows a significant relationship. Write out the regression equation and interpret its practical application. Report and interpret the R-square. Is the number of wins affected by whether the team plays in the National or the American League?
  8. Conduct a global test on the set of independent variables. Interpret.
  9. Conduct a test of hypothesis on each of the independent variables. Would you consider deleting any of the variables? If so, which ones? e. Develop a histogram or a stem-and-leaf display of the residuals from the final regression equation developed in part

(f). Is it reasonable to conclude that the normality assumption has been met? f. Plot the residuals against the fitted values from the final regression equation developed in part (f). Plot the residuals on the vertical axis and the fitted values on the horizontal axis.


  1. The Century National Bank Refer to the Century National Bank data. Using checking account balance as the dependent variable and using as independent variables the number of ATM transactions, the number of other services used, whether the individual has a debit card, and whether interest is paid on the particular account, write a report indicating which of the variables seem related to the account balance and how well they explain the variation in account balances. Should all of the independent variables proposed be used in the analysis or can some be dropped?