Classroom Teaching And Diversity Issues


For this assignment, you will watch the videos listed below, answer the corresponding questions and answer each question with 300 words exactly. There are 8 videos (2 hours 21 minutes) of classroom teaching and diversity issues. Links to videos and strategies, the questions are listed below and the rubric is attached.

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Classroom Teaching And Diversity Issues
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Video Links:       Second Grade Lesson on Fractions (19:25)       First Grade Literacy Lesson (20:34)       Wonders Day 1 Lesson 1st Grade (37:35)        Prague Kindergarten – English Lesson (19:53)       TPSD Kindergarten Phonics Lesson (44:35)       Jean Cole Fourth Grade ELA Lesson (11:39)     First Grade Math Lesson (22:59)      Third Grade Reading – Character Traits (20:08)


1. Describe any observations in the classrooms or in the videos that highlighted specific classroom management rules/strategies. Make sure to identify the video(s) in your response.

2. If you were the teacher in these classes, identify at least two classroom management strategies that you would use. Be clear.

Links for classroom management rules/strategies: 

If you have any questions, I check back often to answer about the assignment.