Communication Discussion 5

Before answering the prompts, make sure to read Chapter 8 of our textbook and watch the Marie Kondo 2017 presentation below:

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Communication Discussion 5
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  1. If a total stranger took a quick look into the spaces where you spend the most time (your room, car, desk or work area, etc.) would they assume you are an “organized” or “disorganized” person? Not that there’s anything wrong with either. Explain and provide examples.
  2. Some portions of this week’s textbook reading seem applicable to the importance of organization in one’s life, not just when writing a speech. In your opinion and in your own words, which portions of this week’s chapter reading on organization do you feel are most applicable to our lives outside of just giving speech? Please reference specific concepts from the textbook and use examples to explain your answer. 
  3. Why do you think I assigned Marie Kondo’s 2017 presentation for this week? Similar to question 2, what value might we be able to take from Kondo’s presentation and apply to organization in speech writing and structure? Please reference specific concepts from her presentation.

Discussion Post Direction Reminders

Please answer the questions above. Your answers should be at least 1 paragraph for each question. Check out our Guide to Class Discussion in our Getting Started module for examples and additional resources for writing a successful discussion post. Remember that your post and classmate responses are due Sunday by 11:59pm. Please make sure to read any required readings and watch any assigned media content before answering our discussion questions for the week.

Discussion Response Reminders

You must post your initial response before you will be able to view a classmate’s posts. Respond to at least 2 classmates’ original post.  Your responses to each should be approximately 1-2 paragraphs in length and should include some mixture of the following:

  • Explain your agreement with something the original poster said. Instead of just saying “Yup. Me too.” consider sharing your own experience to strengthen their answer and build mutual understanding.
  • Consider voicing disagreement with something said. Make sure not to disagree with an experience (as they did have that experience, so you can’t really disagree with it), and to instead focus on their analysis or explanation. Remember to keep our “Netiquette” rules in mind when voicing disagreement.
  • Extend the discussion by providing new information, links to an external resource, or by asking a clarifying or thought provoking question. Be sure to check back in on the discussion regularly to respond to any questions to you and to read the responses to any questions you have asked.