Communication Extra Credit

Below are 9 extra credit questions.  Each is worth two points.  All are voluntary.  You can answer all of them, or some of them, or none of them.  The choice is yours.  You have until December 6, 2020, to complete it.

Why is neglect so hard to determine?
In regard to bullying in middle school, what is the role of cliques, what are the explanations for bullying, and what solutions are available? (Box 4.2)

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Communication Extra Credit
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How do child molesters go about molesting children?  What is grooming?

Compare and contrast schoolyard bullying with cyber bullying.

Discuss accepted rape myths and how they may impact a victim’s willingness to contact law enforcement
Why are battered women frequently unemployed?  Do they deserve welfare assistance?

Can empathy be taught to perpetrators of male IPV?  Would it be helpful if possible? Explain your response.
Discuss the issue of confidentiality when working with victims and batterers in rural area. Why might confidentiality be an issue?
Have criminal justice responses to elder abuse been effective? Why or why not?