Conc of Pathophys for Nsg Assignment

Conc of Pathophys for Nsg Assignment

Conc of Pathophys for Nsg.


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Conc of Pathophys for Nsg Assignment
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Week 2 Discussion: Anorexia and fluid and electrolyte imbalances (USLOs 1, 2, 3, 4)

You are a nurse caring for 16-year-old Jonathan Collins. He was admitted to the emergency department after passing out during gym class. During your admission assessment, he admits he has not been eating much and exercising more to lose weight. Conc of Pathophys for Nsg Assignment  Based on this information, your prior knowledge of this client (refer to medical card from the Collins-Kim family tree interactive), and your knowledge of the pathophysiology of anorexia and fluid and electrolyte imbalances, respond to the following prompts:


  1. Thoroughly explain the pathophysiology of anorexia. Use a scholarlyor authoritative source to support your answer.
  2. Examine each of the following three factors related to this disease process. Support all three with a scholarly source.
  • cultural
  • financial
  • environmental implications
  1. Identify 3-5 priority nursing interventions for the client while in the emergency department.
  2. Describe labs and diagnostic testing you would want to include in client’s plan of care and why. What are critical indicators? Support with a scholarly source.
  3. What members of the interdisciplinary team need to be included for holistic patient-centered care? Provide a rationale and support with a scholarly source. Conc of Pathophys for Nsg Assignment