Conceptualize a Comprehensive Assessment Plan Assignment

Conceptualize a Comprehensive Assessment Plan Assignment

Please answer each questions separately and provide a credible source at the end of each answered question. Question must be answered in a complete paragraph.


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Conceptualize a Comprehensive Assessment Plan Assignment
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This week, create a visual or graphic organizer showing how you can conceptualize a comprehensive assessment plan. You might make a chart in Word; or create a flowchart; or use an organizer template you find online such as through the website. Conceptualize a Comprehensive Assessment Plan Assignment


  1. Select a lesson or unit of instruction you have taught or plan to teach. (If you do not have anything in mind, you can use this course for this discussion activity. Just make sure to create new assessments for this discussion activity.)
  2. Identify learning objectives/goals/outcomes
  3. Identify one or more formative assessments
  4. Identify one or more summative assessments
  5. Create your visual and include all of this information to show your ideas for assessing
  6. Post your visual here along with a paragraph where you cite the literature and explain your visual



Family policy can be a very controversial and passionate topic given the various issues plaguing families today. We will dive into some great discussion and explore many sides of these issues. Please remember the rules of netiquette and respectfully present your stance on the issues. This will be strictly enforced. Conceptualize a Comprehensive Assessment Plan Assignment

Select through 10-12 Internet Resources on Family Policy provided for this class (see attachment) or any websites that have been included in the readings. Using the criteria in the article below, evaluate 3 of the websites listed for accuracy and credibility, placing your comments in the table provided. Then choose a website on your own that illustrates poor credibility and explain why you find it disreputable, in the final column of the table. Post your table in the Discussion.

Evaluating Print vs. Internet Sources

Web Credibility Table.docx

Internet Resources on Family Policy.docx



the importance of retaining a high number of returning tickets holders during the renewal process each season. Ticket administrators should strive for a minimum renewal rate of 90% each season in order to maximize revenue. Unless in an exceptional market, achieving a minimum renewal rate of at least 90% requires a major commitment on the part of the sport organization, as well as outstanding customer service in order to maximize the experience for fans.

Your task in this discussion is two part. First, please review external ticketing research and list and explain what you consider the best three (3) strategies a sport organization can utilize in order to provide an exceptional “experience” for fans from a customer service perspective. Second, please list and explain what you consider the three (3) biggest mistakes made by sports organizations that hinder fan experiences. Feel free to share any personal experiences at sports or entertainment



How would microblogging fit with your overall marketing strategy for the business (think about your SM audience)? What would be the purpose to use microblogging for your business? How does this align to your SMART goals? Conceptualize a Comprehensive Assessment Plan Assignment



You are called to the ICU to support the children (9, 12, and 15) in saying goodbye to their mother. What are some of the developmental concerns you have for each of the children? How might the father’s own grief affect the children’s grieving process and what information would you provide to the father about grief in children and teens to help him better support his own children?


A picture is worth a thousand words. How can we use lists, charts, and tables to present business information clearly and concisely?


Many businesses today, as corporate entities other than sole proprietorships, voice their political and social views in various ways.

The subject of LGBTQ rights is an evolving issue of constitutional implications. A Colorado bakery, stepped into center ring of controversy asserting that First Amendment free exercise of religion must be recognized by the government in the application of discrimination laws.


The US Courts website states: “The Free Exercise Clause protects citizens’ right to practice their religion as they please, so long as the practice does not run afoul of a ‘public morals’ or a ‘compelling’ governmental interest.”

When does the First Amendment’s Free Exercise of Religion Clause justify a discriminatory business practice?

For forming your discussion and answering to this question, READ and COMPARE THESE 2 CASES:

Arlene’s Flowers Case – SCT of WA

Masterpiece Cakeshop – SCt US opinion

Summary and citations: Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, 138 S.Ct. 1718 (2018).  Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. (a small bakery, whose owner refused to create and sell a wedding cake to a same-sex couple for their wedding because their homosexual marriage was against his religious beliefs); and State of Washington v. Arlene’s Flowers, Case No. 91615-2 (Wash., June 6, 2019)(florist claimed right to deny flowers to same-sex wedding for reason of religion).