Construct a Personal Ethical Framework


For this assignment, write a paper in which you identify core ethical frameworks and code of ethics in terms of those values/beliefs that are patently self-evident and will not change with time, context, circumstance, or external/internal demands. Include the following in your paper:

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Construct a Personal Ethical Framework
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  • From a leader’s viewpoint, explain why violating any of these ideals would be unethical.
  • Psychologist Gordon Allport identified six major value types as outlined in chapter 3 of the Johnson (2013) text. Name and describe Allport’s six major value types, and identify into what value orientation a leader’s core ethical framework values/beliefs is based.
  • Given a leader’s core ethical framework, explain how he/she can expand adaptive capacity.
  • Identify an organization and describe the standards of ethics and integrity within it. Explain how you arrived at these conclusions and determined the organization’s standards of ethics.
  • Explain why shaping ethical climate is one of an organizational leader’s most important tasks.
  • Name five steps leaders can take to prevent and control destructive behaviors.
  • Explain the difference between organizational compliance and organizational integrity. And, what elements must be part of any effort to improve organizational integrity?
  • Should a leader be a cultural relativist or should a leader hold to universal ethical standards? Defend your position.

Length: 6-7 pages not including the title and reference pages.

References: Minimum of four scholarly resources.