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I do believe there are different approaches to police work based on the generational gaps. The differences could be based on a persons’ belief system, behaviors, and respect for others, etc. Generational differences can affect recruitment, working with others in a team setting, work productivity, morale, and staffing. What works best for recruitment in this day and time is social media and the various platforms we have now. The use of technology is more abundant and normal now, so it is more likely the route departments are going to gain prospects. Older generations struggle in this area when it comes to the use of technology and computer software. The younger generation tends to comprehend every growing tech world way better and makes them a high commodity in the job market. The older generation have more in person skills like interpersonal skills, public speaking skills, and thinking critically. Since the world is shifting to me more technologically advanced, the departments will most like grow with the times and continue social media use to attract the younger generations. If a department didn’t want to advance and use what is current and continue to stick to the old school, it will be hard to fill those older officers who are now retiring.


In response to two of your peers, discuss whether or not changes in recruitment, retention, training, or technology will affect the next generation of officers. Criminal homework help

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Criminal homework help
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