critical reasoning/ philosophy


Taking a SWOT at the World

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critical reasoning/ philosophy
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You are going to brand yourself.  The brand should reveal your mission, your values, your dreams, and an essential spirit of yourself.  To aid in this, you will use the SWOT Model found in Chapter 10 (p. 330-331). 

Your project, which will be ONE document, will have 5 components:

Page 1. A worksheet evaluating yourself, addressing the elements of the SWOT model.  

Page 2.  You will create a small logo (that catches the above points). The logo should be on the second page of the report, just copied and pasted on a Word document. 

Page 3.  You will create a slogan (that catches the above points).

Pages 4-5.  You will write a Vision statement (that is expressed as a life mission).  Your Vision statement will contain the following pieces:

a.  My Aspiration

b.  My Mission

c.  My Values

d.  My Motto

Page 6.  A 1 page, typed self-reflection on what is the absolutely, no doubt about it, positively most important aspect of your life!  Tell me what are its roots, who it affects, what will it look like in the future, and why you need it.

Please be sure to have a coverpage with your name, course title, and one word that describes your life bolded and centered on the page.

The project should be saved as a .doc, .docx, or RTF document. It should be only ONE document and not several parts. It should be uploaded as only a single document. Think of it as a several page research paper that you might submit for a class.  

100 points