Data Analytics

Data Analytics


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Data Analytics
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Prepare a data analytics plan from the CASE provided, consider the data analysis framework and the types of analysis as you formulate your answers.


The questions below will help you structure your plan:

What is the business problem you are trying to solve?

What’s the first step you’ll take?

What is your approach to developing a Hypothesis? (Include your Hypothesis)

What data would you collect?

How would you analyze the data?

How would you present the information to the client?

What insights did you develop?

What recommendations would you make?



A global consumer packaged goods (CPG) company has set an ambitious goal for itself: double revenues while keeping the costs minimal within eight years. Of course, the leadership knows that such rapid growth won’t happen with guesswork, tribal knowledge and rough estimates. In order to maximize the performance of thousands of salespeople at thousands of worldwide distribution points, they will need to employ advanced business analytics techniques to analyze massive quantities of data being generated at ever-increasing speed.

Like all CPG firms, the company faces the challenge of making sure that day in and day out, the right products, in the right amounts, were on the right shelves at the right time. Complicating the issue is the daunting fact that the company is working in every corner of the globe. The company deals with a diverse set of global contacts and regional business units who share no common skill set, data platform, or analytics strategies. Creating one common platform that can collect incoming data, analyze it, and send insights about inventory and sales issues back into the field to any smartphone-equipped sales rep will be a significant undertaking. Powering the sales force to make smart micro decisions that would roll up into better macro performance was absolutely necessary if the company was to stay competitive in its many markets and meet its goals for growth.