Data Analytics and Marketing Case Study

I have included the fan DNA profiles and the demographic data from the new york yankees 

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Data Analytics and Marketing Case Study
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For this assignment, assume that you are tasked with creating a  marketing plan to advertise a promotional event for a sports team. Refer  back to the three fan personas you developed in the Fan DNA assignment  and use those personas in conjunction with the demographic data for your  team’s fans to guide your marketing strategy  for this event. Conduct additional research and pull information from  secondary sources where possible, such as social media interactions and  consumer feedback, that provide supplementary data on your target  demographic.

Establish what type of promotional event you will be  planning and organize your strategic approach. This event could be  anything from a social media giveaway for game tickets that requires  fans to complete a small task (e.g., follow the team on Instagram and  comment on a photo) to a meet-and-greet with athletes after a game.  Reflecting on your research, consider what might interest or motivate  your target fan base and what kinds of strategies you could implement to  reach a wide number of fans, enhance brand and team awareness, and  ultimately increase revenue for the team.

In a response of  750-900 words, describe your promotional event and how you will be  integrating data analytics from the fans of your chosen sports team as a  part of the marketing process. Respond to the following in your paper:

  1. Event:  What type of event are you planning? What kind of a promotion will  pique the interest of your sports team’s fans to encourage turnout,  engagement, and participation?
  2. Objectives: What do you intend to accomplish with this event, from both a marketing and a financial standpoint?
  3. Data  and Analysis: How will you apply the demographic data from your  research and the fan personas you created to market this event to an  optimal number of your team’s fans? How can the data be applied to  increase ticket sales, as well as the sale of goods such as concessions  and merchandise?
  4. Unique Selling Proposition: What makes your  promotional event unique? How is it different from incentives offered by  competitor teams? How is it different from incentives offered by your  chosen team in the past? In what ways does your promotional event cater  specifically to the team’s fan demographics?
  5. Marketing: How do you plan to advertise and promote this event to ensure that it reaches your target audience?

Cite at least two resources in addition to the provided demographic data.