Dimensions of Nursing Practice Paper

Dimensions of Nursing Practice Paper

Amy Sanchez

Rasmussen University

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Dimensions of Nursing Practice Paper
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Dimensions of Nursing Practice



For this discussion I chose to review Northwestern Memorial Hospital. They have 894 inpatient beds and is about a little over three million square feet of medical and professional space. The hospital is located in the downtown Chicago Streeterville neighborhood. They are devoted to educating the staff, community and most importantly their clients. They are Top in innovative research and are nationally ranked in 10 out of 15 specialties, ranked by U.S. News. This hospital is accredited by the joint commission and accreditation of healthcare organization. They have also received a gold seal of approval award. Their mission is to put patients first, by putting the patients first in all that they do with integrity and strictly following an uncompromising code of ethics that emphasizes complete honesty. Northwestern memorial hospital has been named the Consumer Choice hospital in Lake and Kenosha counties for 10 years straight and counting by National Research Corporation. They are also ranked the number 1 Hospital in Illinois and are leading the mission for better quality care and better-quality treatments in the Chicagoland area.  Dimensions of Nursing Practice Paper


They have been serving Chicagoland and neighboring residents for the past three and a half decades. They have continued to meet the needs of its residents even during the ever-changing times.They have done so by continuously adding and expanding facilities and clinical programs that provide the best possible service to the communities of Chicago. Due to them being the top teaching affiliate for the Feinberg School of Medicine they are recognized as the leading hospital in advanced care for patients’ research and education. Northwestern is a well-known hospital name, but they are much more than that. They are a non-profit health care network connected with many amazing hospitals’ clinics and schools. They help provide financial support to many organizations that are striving to address identified community health priorities. They invest in the growing communities that serve many families and provide innovative training, education, and development initiatives to unlock new employment opportunities for under-resourced neighborhoods. Overall this network of hospitals, clinics, and schools are doing much more for the communities in Chicago than I was knowledgeable about.  Dimensions of Nursing Practice Paper 



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Agencies and Who They Serve

For this assignment, I have chosen A physicians office (Premiere Physicians Kota Metabolic Institute) located in 726 S Weber Rd, Bolingbrook, IL 60490. This factuality is a private practice and focuses on a specific area of practice in the body that the doctor truly has a passion about and it this helps change lives. The doctor has numerous different accreditations and awards like Diplomate of American, Board of Obesity Medicine, Board of Internal Medicine and Board of a Metabolic and Nutritional Medications. They are a single institution and do not have different locations. There are facilities that have the same idea of practice, but Dr. Kota uses different methods on patients which makes the facility unique and stand out more than others. This is a newer institution due to the practices that he does are more reoccurring in todays society.


The facility has many different missions and values for the patient. They want to minimize the medications, while using gentler natural methods such as natraceutials and lifestyle modifications. Which many facilities focus on putting the patient on diet pills and or surgery like gastric bypass surgery. He has different affiliations, some are American Academy of Anti-Aging, Obesity Medicine Association and American Board of Obesity Medicine. He does have a very small staff including FNP,APRN (1) staff member Rachel Carlson and she has been practicing for over 20 years. The main target population it hits are people who are obese, have gastro and neurological issues. It is a profit organization, but he doesn’t have it stated on his website with who. Some of his client services are weight-loss and chronic metabolic ailments. His contributions and ideas of study in his facility are use of natural methods of weight-loss and medication usage. He does contribute to he community, changing peoples lives for the better and finding natural ways of doing it.  Dimensions of Nursing Practice Paper