Discuss 1

Write: must be at least 300 words. Answer all the questions.

1) Describe   voter ID laws in a state of your choosing. 

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Discuss 1
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2) Summarize   any recent developments or controversies regarding voter ID laws in the state   you have chosen.

3) Analyze   and describe the pros and cons on both sides of the debate about these laws. 

             -Is voter   fraud a major problem for our democracy, or are some groups trying to make it   harder for some segments of society to vote?

4) Analyze   the impact that media (mass and social) has had in influencing public   opinion, specifically regarding voter ID laws. 

            -How was   the Trump/Clinton election in 2016 impacted by voter laws and the media?

This web page provides an overview   of some of the differences in Voter ID laws in the different states: Voting Laws & Requirements: Voting Methods and Options (Links   to an external site.)Links to an external site..




Due 5/23/19 8am Eastern Standard

Submit turnitin report with answer