Discussion 2 Twos

IntroductionInfants are born with billions of neurons needed for survival and adaptation to their new environment. In this module, you learned about the brain. Use this knowledge to answer the prompt.
The AssignmentRespond to the following prompt(s) for this module.

  1. What does it mean that “brains are built, not born”?
  2. Give examples of how caregivers can build a child’s brain development through the Five R’s.

Grading Criteria: See attached rubric for grading criteria  Discussion Board Rubric EDU 234.docx Discussion Board Rubric EDU 234.docx – Alternative Formats   cussion Board Rubric 2.docx – Alternative FormatsResources

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Discussion 2 Twos
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 To submitBe sure to make your initial post by Sunday @ 11:59 pm of the module and respond to a minimum of 2 classmates by  Wednesday @ 11:59 pm.  Be sure to read How Course Works and the Discussion Board information about what is expected in discussion boards.  Also, from this point on, you will need to include a reference to the text (chapter, page number, etc.) with your submission.