Disscussion on thesis statement for apa argument essay

 M2: L5: Discussion on Addressing Counterarguments (D-07) Options Menu: Forum

⁞ Instructions

Think about a reason given by those who disagree with your position for the topic you have chosen in this module: Focus on one reason, not all the possible arguments that they might make. Now, summarize that point as accurately as you can (about 50-75 words). Then, write a refutation or rebuttal to their point (about 100 words).

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Disscussion on thesis statement for apa argument essay
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When you are done posting your response, reply to at least one classmate in no fewer than 75 words. Is the rebuttal convincing? What questions do you have about it?

Your discussion post will be graded according to the following criteria:

  • 80% – Thoughtful original post that includes both a summary of a counterargument and your refutation (about 175 words)
  • 20% – Thoughtful response to a classmate’s post that comments on how they have refuted the argument presented (at least 75 words)
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Respond to this:

 A possible argument that comes with making the environment better by making it a electric car world is how electric cars don’t emit exhaust fumes which they use batteries which electricity is used to power up electrical vehicles that is generated from non-renewable energy sources that can be a huge disadvantage for our health and environment tremendously. My rebuttal is I strongly believe that within time that we will have more resources and material to support the rise of electric vehicles due to the impact they’re making such as the rise of Tesla which is the future of the world in the automobiles department especially making them enviromentally friendly and also being made or partially made of recycled plastics and renewable materials which can lower the production of CO2 emissions so that can help reduce pollution to form a better and cleaner environment in our world. Many countries are already working on fixing the resources for electric cars by 2035-2040 because they are planning on banning gas powered cars that way we can have electric cars on the road to create a more eco-friendly world.