Economists and Finance of Tesco Presentation

Economists and Finance of Tesco Presentation



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Economists and Finance of Tesco Presentation
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Make a PowerPoint presentation about this retailer that is based in the United Kingdom and follow the instructions for each slide.

Slide 1:Module name: economics and finance

slide2: background about tesco, and that i’ll compare it with sainsburys.

Slide3:ratios analysis as on the paper write them on the slide, and put some notes on the speaker what effect or how will be used to compare the company i choose against the competitors.

Slide 4: PESTLE analysis include effect of brexit against tesco.
Slide 5: stakeholder analysis and write the notes on the speaker try to keep it simple on the slide (not wordy).

slide 6: summary about how will this support on the assignment i’ll do with notes on the speaker please.

Slide 6: references (APA 6th education)

please let me know if you have any questions or want me to clarify any information.