Education 2

 1st one

Answer the following questions.  Your total response should be at least 1500 words.  Follow APA format and have at least two sources.

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Education 2
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Based on this week’s reading, are you a lifeguard or swimmer?  Explain your choice.
What are some things you can do in your classroom to be immersed – or to switch from focus to immersion?
How can you create an environment in your class that develops rapport?
What are some ways that we can develop rapport with students not only in our classroom, but in our school building?



Answer the following questions using APA format. You should also include research from at least two sources when answering the following questions.  Response should be at least 1200 words in length. 

1.  What Intervention are taking place in your school or district?  At which level (student, faculty/staff, or family/community) are most interventions targeted? Are these interventions implemented schoolwide, focused on a grade level or content area, planned for a targeted group of students, or aimed at individual students?  Doe the intervention plan include all stakeholders – students, faculty, and staff, families, and communities?

2.  How effective is the professional development that has been provided?  Which aspects of your school's professional development are contributing to success and which aspects need to be updated?