Education homework help

Please answer each questions separately and provide a credible source at the end of each answered question. Question must be answered in a complete paragraph. Only two questions answered per page please


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Education homework help
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Discuss which treatment option you believe is most effective and why. Discuss which treatment option you believe is least effective and why.



Submit a brief description of the topic you have selected for your Research Paper based on a current topic in child/adolescent Psychology. Choose a topic that is not common knowledge and raises a question to be explored. Please present your hypothesis to this question(s). Education homework help

Explain at least three specific ways that you can build a sense of community within a classroom of adult learners, whether it is face-to-face or virtual.

  • Explain these approaches.
  • Analyze possible challenges with establishing a sense of community and possible solutions.



Imagine that your 9 year old daughter has just told you that her best friend has started her period. She wants to know when she is going to start hers. She also is confused about what a period even is.

Write out a potential script you could use to answer your daughter’s questions. Explain when she can expect to begin her period and describe what occurs during the menstrual cycle.


What are some of the biggest challenges faced by adults in middle adulthood (roughly ages 40-65)?  Have you ever known anyone who experienced a “midlife crisis?”  If so, don’t name names, but describe that person’s behaviors.  If not, think of an example you’ve seen in a book, movie, or TV show.  What would theorists such as Erikson or Levinson say about such behaviors? Education homework help


  1. Preventative programs – are focused on strengths of couples. The programs are often structured, include experiential activities, have a cognitive focus, are time limited and are often economical. Some professionals further divide preventative programs into :

Primary – programs that focus on issues before difficulties occur

Secondary – program that focus on couples that may be at risk

If you were tasked with creating a primary program and a secondary program for couples, what would your programs entail. Share the following for each program:

Name of the program

  1. Mission and Vision of the program
  2. Intended Audience (Relationships or Marriage)
  3. Share one major event or activity that you will place under this program.
  4. Share 3 goals for the program.

In a brief paragraph to follow, discuss the rationale behind your creation of these programs (why this selection), and discuss the differences between the programs. Please use examples to clarify your positions.


Think about a middle age couple or older age couple that you know.  What are the positive and negative experiences that they are having at this stage of their marriage?  How does what this couple is experiencing compare with the information presented in our readings?


The Critical Path: Why is it important to identify the critical path before starting a project? On what kind of projects would the critical path be irrelevant?


  1. Do you think employers should use integrity and personality assessments to make recruiting and promotion decisions? Support your reasoning based on current research.
  2. Can you think of certain positions or job categories where integrity and personality assessments are more relevant than others? Provide specific examples and explain your rationale.
  3. Do you think government agencies and companies in the private sector will use more or less integrity and personality testing in the future? Why? Why not? Education homework help


Entrepreneurial Potential Self-Assessment ( This assessment doesn’t just look at motivation. It measures your aptitudes and attitudes from an entrepreneurial view.

What scores surprised you the most? Why were you surprised?



Has the Internet changed the way consumers think and behave? What are the benefits? What are the pitfalls?  Support your position with credible references.  Education homework help