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Reading Provocations

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In addition to the assigned readings (Argent et al., Richard; Vecchi), choose at least one of these two readings for the group discussions:


Reflection Questions

The following questions or prompts should guide your reflection post:

  • As in previous modules, select a few clips to observe. Make sure that you identify each clip when going over your conversations and in the text of the reflective post.
  • This time your narrative will have two parts:
    • One, a brief narrative of the clip(s) selected where you describe what you see in the clip
    • Two, a set of short pedagogical narrations and interpretations, about the expression for the child/children you have observed, adding final reflections in connection to at least one of the discussion readings.
  • Remember to add the references. Education homework help


Part 2: Discussion Conversation

Part 2 consists of responses and comments to others in your class. Make sure to draw upon the ideas presented in the video clip(s) and reading provocations. For all of you, reading Argent et al’s reflections about possibilities of poetic documentation using videorecordings, and also, for those who chose Vecchi’s reading, the following video titled “Choreographies of Practice: MutualitiesLinks to an external site. and Sympoetic Becomings in Early Childhood Teacher Education” may invite you to challenge, perhaps, some of the long-held assumptions about the role of the early childhood educator in facilitating a space for open thought, creation, and expression. Education homework help