Education homework help

Project Power point presentation

Team Project requires:

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Education homework help
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  1. Power Point TOPIC SELECTION IS Leadership/Management (Chps. 4, 25, & 34);
  2. Reading the assigned chapters in the text and other resources;

students will cover 12 Chapters in the text and two articles that present the historical development of Workplace Learning in US & Global views and experiences in Europe, EU,  Australia, & Canada); future implications of acquiring Knowledge, leadership & Management skills,  21st Century Skills, in a Global society.   The intent is to share knowledge gathered from the readings by preparing a Power Point to share with the class. Education homework help


 “Authentic Learning” (2013). Glossary of Education Reform: For journalists, parents, and community members” Retrieved from to an external site.

Professional Journal, Learning together is Learning Better. Retrieved from to an external site.



Leadership/Management (Chps. 4, 25, & 34); Malloch, M., Cairns, L., Evans, K.,   O’Connor, B. N. (2011). The SAGE handbook of workplace learning. SAGE Publications, Inc. ISBN-13:978-1446270523

  1. Select one article from the Learning Professional Journal, to an external site. by each Team member and describe why learning together is learning better; OR
  2. Select the “Authentic Learning” article at to an external site.discuss the value of authentic learning and discuss the debate what is public education’s role today and what are  21st Century Skills they need to prepare for success in life after graduation, including post secondary education and modern jobs or career paths?

The presentation will include:

  • briefoverview of the main points of each Chapter (history of vocational training & today’s focus on workplace learning)
  • Explain briefly, why learning about this Topic may or may not help you in developing an Action Plan for your organization. Education homework help