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Comment a minimum of twice on a minimum of 2 different days – focus on deepening the conversation by asking a question, for clarification, or reflecting on your experience as it relates to the topic.

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Education homework help
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Classmate Z.H

I answered correct to the 10 basic questions for the study mode.  I passed by disabilities exam in April of this year on the first try. I felt it had a lot of education laws and logic scenarios to answer.  Using the information from the exam and the projects completed in the semester I feel like I want to further my career of teaching. I want to be more than a general education teacher. I really want to be a special education teacher. I want to be in a setting more one-on-one with the child rather whole class. I feel like this class opened my eyes a lot to the different types of disabilities and I really gained a lot of knowledge on how to accommodate and modify instruction/ activities according to their needs. On page pages 156- 187 it talks about teaching children with specific disabilities. I gained a lot of insight on the process of special education services and the IEP itself.  I feel like I really need the experience to fully become a professional in the special education field. Having the knowledge is great but it’s how you apply that knowledge in real life. Education homework help. And you get this through working in the field. I have worked hand in hand with specialists and special education teachers in the past. I have also worked with kids that have IEP that were in my class. I really want to have that experience with working with many cases of kids with IEP. I want to really deconstruct the IEP and push my kids to meet their goals. This is what I see myself really doing. I have been a general education teacher for 5 years and I think it’s time to try something new and really upgrade in my profession.  I can’t wait to graduate with my masters next semester and really work in this field. It really is so interesting and rewarding.   Here is a useful like to look at: to an external site.





Cook, R. E., Klein, M. D., & Chen, D. (2020). Adapting early childhood curricula
for children with disabilities and special needs. Pearson.


Calssmate : Xcaio C.


Module 12: Reflection

I took one of the study mode tests linked in the module with 10 basic questions and I have to admit that I did not do well on the test. There were many special education terms that I did not know about. I think I will definitely need to spend a lot of time studying these terms and really understand every single one of them. In this class, I have been reading every article and chapter that were assigned each week. Additionally, I have been actively engaged in the discussion boards and I definitely have learned a lot from my peers. In the education field, there is never an end. Teachers need to be part of the field and keep learning from each other. At the end of the day, we all have one common goal, that is to make a positive difference in many children’s futures.


  1. What is the most important thing that you learned in this class?
  2. What is one thing you learned in this class that can be implemented in your classroom? Education homework help