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 One of the most important aspects to technical writing is simplifying complex or lengthy information. You can complete this assignment with or without the help of an AI text generator. If you use AI, just let me know.

Human Summary: Watch this video on the history of AI development. ( Pause and take notes while watching the video. Use the video’s subheadings as a guide to create a summary bullet list of the video’s content. (See example below.)
Summary List Example
The History of AI: From Beginnings to Breakthroughs


  • Introduction
  • Machine learning began about 80 years ago with the first digital computers
  • The first “AI” was a robot mouse that could “remember” how to exit a maze
  • Image Recognition to Image Creation
  • AI quickly advanced in the quality of generated images from 2017 to present
  • AI went from recognizing images by analyzing angles on faces to creating original images from word prompts
  • Etc. Education homework help