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In Unit 2, you have learned much about yourself, including what motivates you to succeed. You are unique and your motivators reflect your individuality. What motivates you now may be different than what motivated you 10 years ago and what will motivate you in the future. In this discussion, you are asked to consider and share the thoughts and experiences that motivate you at this time.



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Education homework help
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Take a moment to think about what motivates you personally. This could pertain to your personal life, professional life, family life, or any aspect of your life!
Next, answer the following questions:
What is your motivation for attending college?
Why do you think it is important to understand your motivation in college?
What does motivation do for your well-being and enjoyment of college, aside from grades?
In Unit 1, you learned about some of the student resources available to you at Herzing University. Which student resources have you utilized so far, and how has that impacted your motivation for accomplishing your educational goals. Education homework help