Education homework help

For  this week’s assignment, students are encouraged to conduct their own  outside research to provide additional support in their analysis to  address the question/objective at hand.


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Education homework help
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  1. Select  one of the outlined federal policies (e.g. Clean Air Act, Affordable  Care Act, Immigration Reform Policy, EPA Policy Changes, NPR/School  Choice)
  2. Trace  it through the stages of the policy process model. What significant  events led to the construction of the policy as we know it today?
  3. What are the benefits of this approach?
  4. What are the limitations of this approach?
  5. Why you think the issue is important; discuss how common the problem is, and how many people it affects.
  6. What current policies relate to this issue?
  7. What  are your recommendations for this policy issue as it evolves? If you  were in a position of power, what adaptations or eliminations would you  make?

Explain/answer  the questions, using a 10 slide presentation (excluding the title slide  and the reference slide), and citing evidence from readings  as well as  additional outside research. Education homework help