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Here is the scenario:


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Education homework help
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Joseph Jenkins – high school graduate, Associate in Mechanical and Electrical Bachelor degree information Technology, Master in Information Technology and Master in Homeland Security.


Mr. Jenkins Spend his earlier years in the military and retired at age 38 after serving.


After military he got a civilian job with the government serving in three different departments. The first department was Naval Academy as Electrical engineering for two years. The second department Immigration as immigration assistant specialist and the third department was Social security administration as a Legal Administrative Specialist.  All of these profession he made a good earning and living but want to be his own boss control his time and work schedule. So Mr. Jenkins decided to start his own business. Education homework help


Mr. Jenkins decided to compete and gain a trust from a well know insurance company to open insurance franchise (where provide auto, homeowner, business insurance etc.)


After two years Mr. Jenkins is on his way to being a successful entrepreneur. Making impact in the community. Providing protection for what family has worked hard for by insurance.


Mr. Jenkins was invited to empowerment conference/with different people with different career/medical/education/engineering on the stage.  Mr. Jenkins would be talking about him being a business owner and was as to present a 25 slide of his career path from military, working for all these departments and now being a business owner/entrepreneur.  The presentation should have introduction, be creative with pictures and quotes from others influential people. It should show you career path. The benefit of the career he was in, the benefit of owner his own business and the work that goes in it. The Mindset of people when it comes to being a business owner or working for someone.  Can you be really successful working for others?  How do we define success?


The is due by 9/2/2023. This PowerPoint much look great and with content.  Education homework help