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Reading and Resources

Read chapter 2 Rothwell, J. D. (2014). Practically speaking.

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Education homework help
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(Rothwell, Dan J. Practically Speaking (2017) Practically Speaking – 2nd edition ISBN13: 978-0190457327)



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Watch the following videos:


Terrified Emma Watson UN speech at HeForSpeech Campaign: (Transcript)

Zach Wahls talks about his inspiring speech (the illusion of transparency): (Transcript)

Matt Abraham: “No Freaking Speaking: Managing Public Speaking Anxiety” (Transcript) Education homework help



Activity 1: Discussion 2

Context: There is reason to believe that modern day lifestyles makes glossophobia (the fear of public speaking) more common than in the past. Consider the following:

  • More people spend their free time in less public situations.

    Communicating online not only requires no public speaking effort, it also allows for complete anonymity. Those that spend a lot of time online become less used to the idea of speaking in public and therefore are unable to overcome their fear in being judged.

  • More people have work related communication that requires less public speaking.

    Now you can send emails, talk on the phone, or use online workrooms. No longer do you need to worry as much about others looking at you and judging you in a work setting. This is a problem for future public speakers because it means less experience speaking in public. In our modern-day lifestyle, we have less interaction with other people. This increases the ease in which people develop public speaking anxiety.

Description: Modeling the sample narrative speech in your text (p 21), share an example of a time you had anxiety over speaking in public. In a three paragraph informal write up, discuss what you might have done differently and what you feel you did well.

Delivery: This post will be due Wednesday at midnight. Points will be deducted for not answering all parts of the questions.




Activity 2: Discussion 2

Context: In your text p (29-37) there are several strategies for managing speech anxiety. Practicing, rational thinking, reframing, using coping statements, and using relaxation techniques are suggested as options to better prepare you for your speaking performance.

Description: Find an article online that discusses how an artist you admire copes with stage fright. This can be a painter, any kind of visual artist, a writer, a musician or an actor. Create PowerPoint slides describing the technique they use to overcome anxiety. Be prepared to share it with the class informally.

Delivery: This post will be due Wednesday at midnight. Points will be deducted for not answering all parts of the questions. Education homework help