Education homework help

Name and describe any two points that you felt were the most significant in our readings this week relating to the concept of ableism. Can you think of a situation, experience or even media portrayal that ties into this issue?

Persons with disabilities are often the target of stigma and stereotypes. Briefly describe why this may be the case, and suggest a couple of ways that people might be helped by gaining and understanding of the issue through education.

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Education homework help
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Social justice is often underscored and directed by having laws in place to safeguard the rights of citizens. This is also true in the case of persons with disabilities. After reviewing the readings, share with the class any two points which most struck you as being the most important for providing support to the disabled population(or to persons with a particular type of disability).

An excellent response will consist of at least 2-3 paragraphs. Your response should include citations and an accompanying reference list in APA-7 format to document the source of your ideas. For help with APA-7 formatting, refer to the Course Resources section of the classroom. Education homework help