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The following format will be used to describe the selected court case:

I. Citation

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II. Topic

III. Issue

IV. Facts

V. Findings

VI. Reasoning

The report on this case should be clear and concise using at least 300 words as you describe this court case.

Court Case:


Abuse and Harassment

The school board did not fail to respond to bullying complaints filed by middle school students
to preclude them from statutory immunity.
Doe 1 v. Bd. of Educ. of Town of Westport (Conn. App., 277 A. 3d 164), June 7, 2022.
Note #1 (unusual case): Two (N=2) separate cases were combined into one case. (Doe 1
student’s case also includes Doe 2’s case) The Appellate Court of Connecticut combined the two
middle school students’ cases (students were alleged to have been subject to
“harassment/bullying by other students” at their middle school) into one case and received one
combined judgment from the court. Education homework help
The Appellate Court of Connecticut stated that the school board and school employees
did not fail to respond to or investigate six bullying complaints filed by middle school student so
as to “preclude” them from availing themselves of statutory immunity from liability as so
pertaining to parents’ negligence claims seeking to recover damages individually and on behalf
of student for injuries allegedly sustained as result of board’s and employees’ negligence in
responding to reports of bullying. School district employees investigated the complaints to the
extent that they could present certain consent forms signed by parents, which were necessary to
protect a student’s identity and for school officials to investigate complaints. Note #2: The
record did not support the claim that Doe 1 was bullied on the basis of his sexual orientation;
however, he was called names, ridiculed about his athletic ability, subject to physical assault,
threats, mental abuse, and comments about his sexual orientation.. Education homework help