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Prior to beginning this discussion, read Chapters 3 and 4 in your text, the Week 2 Discussion Advice, and the Hasler and Friedman article Sociocultural Conventions in Avatar-Mediated Nonverbal Communication: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Virtual ProxemicsLinks to an external site..

For this discussion, you can either share an anecdote about your experience in another culture, or an anecdote about an experience you have with a person or people from another culture. Your anecdote should highlight a difference in communication based on the cultures of those involved. Note that the concept of “culture” is not limited to national origin but can include region, faith, profession, or other factors. Consider both verbal and nonverbal aspects, for example, people in different cultures may stand at different distance from each other when speaking. An example might be someone from another culture standing perceptibly close to you when speaking due to different proxemic norms between the two cultures. Include at least one specific, illustrative reference from the text to explain or interpret your anecdote and at least one outside resource that relates to communication in the other culture in your anecdote. Education homework help

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Please follow these four steps to write your initial post, which should be 300 to 350 words and must be supported by at least one properly cited resource. Do not cite the entire text to support your entire post:

  • Describe the incident that you experienced.
  • Analyze the incident in terms of its cultural components.
  • Identify specific aspects of the cultures involved that created challenges, opportunities and/or insights for you.
  • Explain a lesson learned from this incident and how it may be applied to other situations in the future. Education homework help