Education homework help

Module 6 Homework

Assignment Answer the questions

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Education homework help
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Provide a response to the content listed below.

After viewing chapter 6 and this video, answer the following questions regarding executive summaries.

  1. When should the executive summary be written?
  2. How long should the executive summary be in terms of pages?
  3. Why should you have an executive summary?
  4. What are the six things you should include in the executive summary?
  5. When would you need an effective executive summary?



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Module 7 Homework


Create a bar chart using the information from the weekly chapter and this video The data listed below on graduation rates for 4 universities is to be used for this assignment. Insert the bar chart, i.e., copy and paste, into the word document. Please do not submit two separate documents. You are to submit 1 WORD document.  Education homework help

Bowling Green State University  56%
Princeton  90%
Cleveland State University 45%
Kent State University 25%