Education homework help


Research possible challenges families of ELLs may encounter in using or accessing resources provided by teachers and schools, particularly in support of their children’s learning. How can teachers and schools improve how they collaborate with families in this way? How does a Christian worldview encourage compassion and care towards all learners and their families, as well as foster a desire to promote human flourishing in meeting these needs? Education homework help

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Education homework help
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In response to classmates, share any related experiences you have observed or encountered without naming students or families specifically. Explain what attempts were made to resolve the challenges students and families were having.


Where can teachers locate materials and resources that assist ELLs in content areas? How will you store and organize the digital resources? Share any helpful suggestions and two of your favorite links to resources you collected from your field experience interviews or for your topic assignment. Include brief descriptions of the resource links.

In your response to classmates, explore the resources they provided and discuss how you might use the resources in your classroom and/or what benefits you see to sharing the resources with colleagues. Education homework help