Elementary Methods-Reading Education homework help

Elementary Methods-Reading Education homework help

Assignment Deliverable

Create an infographic that explains the science of reading and the skill areas of structured literacy that new teachers could use for their own education. 

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Elementary Methods-Reading Education homework help
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Consider creating your infographic using Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google SlidesCanva, or another infographic application as approved by your faculty member.


Include the following in your infographic:

  • A description of each of following frameworks and approaches to reading and writing instruction that are supported by the science of reading:
  • The Simple View of Reading
  • Scarborough’s Rope Model
  • Explicit and Systematic Phonics Instruction (Structured Literacy)
  • A description of the 3 principles (explicit, systematic, and sequential) of how to teach structured literacy
  • An explanation of the 5 skill areas of structured literacy (phonological awareness, phonics and spelling, vocabulary and oral language, fluency, and reading comprehension)
  • 3 examples of how structured literacy instruction differs from typical literacy practices
  • 2 ways to adapt phonological or phonemic awareness instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners (e.g., English learners or students with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia)


Cite references to support your assignment and format your citations and references according to APA guidelines.


Submit your assignment.Elementary Methods-Reading Education homework help