Environmental Issues


1. All companies want to be perceived as green and not damaging the environment nor contributing to climate change.  In pursuit of that image, many companies have overstated or misrepresented their environmental bona fides.  This is a practice called greenwashing.  Read the linked article below for details.

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Environmental Issues
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Here is an example of a greenwashed ad.  Why?  Fiji bottled water has a huge carbon footprint shipping water from Fiji to the U.S.  It is quite a stretch to call this product green.

· Find your own example of greenwashing and post it.

· Explain why you think it constitutes greenwashing.

· If you were the CEO, would you have authorized the ad you chose?

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Environmental Issues


Theme 1:  Ethical Issues Related to the Environment


The Business Ethics Workshop (2012) Washington, DC: The Saylor Foundation

· Chapter 14: The Green Office: Economics and the Environment (pages 627-664)

· What is Environmental History

· Environmental Ethics?

· Perdue Farms Changes Rules for Chicken Care

· When some US firms move production overseas, they also offshore their pollution

· Fracking Is Dangerous To Your Health — Here’s Why

· Global Scarcity: Scramble for Dwindling Natural Resources

· The Needs of 7 Billion People

· Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects

· Environmental Racism

Theme 2:  Sustainable Business Practices


· Stepping Towards Sustainable Business: An Evaluation of Waste Minimization Practices in US Manufacturing

· A Corporate Model of Sustainable Business Practices

· Environmental Sustainability in Business


· Participate in Week discussion