Erase My Back Pain

It doesn't kill anyone and the  Erase My Back Pain severity of symptoms should guide treatment. If the symptoms do not improve despite nonoperative pain management for 3 to 6 months a decompressive surgery may be considered. Some evidence has shown limited effectiveness overall for this surgery.A recent review in Spine looked at over 10 high quality studies to determine the effectiveness of decompressive surgery for stenosis. The results overall showed that in patients who had failed conservative treatment for 3 to 6 months surgery improved function pain and quality of life more than conservative measures. It did not however statistically improve walking ability.

These benefits were noted to decrease over time but not go away completely even up to 10 years. Over ten year results were not established. These results were in place regardless of advancing age obesity lung issues several levels or other medical problems. Concomitant medical problems do increase the risks of complications so they should be weighed against the benefits in deciding whether to have the surgery or not.The results were similar among all the studies evaluated whether or not the patients had spondylolisthesis which is one vertebra having slipped on another. The overriding factor is that it is a quality of life decision and considerable conservative treatment should be attempted first.

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Erase My Back Pain
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